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Tap Dancing

Tap Dancing is a great way to learn rhythm and to enjoy a style of dance that both looks and sounds amazing. Unlike a lot of other dance styles, tap combines movement with sound and rhythm and when you get it right it is incredibly satisfying.

Our Teaching

Lessons are structured to be all inclusive and to work towards achieving a grade qualification, with the opportunity to then progress into the next grade level on completion. We don't push our students beyond their abilities but where there is potential we seek to help this grow and so will not hold talented children back just because of their age. We believe that a child's ability should be the driving force for their progress.


Dance is a performance art and we like to encourage and create opportunities for our pupils to perform to a live audience.

At the end of each year the school puts on either a showcase or a full performance. The idea is to give children the opportunity to learn dance and then to have the opportunity to perform what they have learned as part of a full show ensemble. It is a great first step into the world of performing arts.

We hold a showcase for parents to see their children perform their class work and exam preparation. Every other year we alternative this showcase with the dance school's main show, which we hold at Christmas time. The show is a full production and will be on a theme chosen and designed by the teachers, so that all the pupils can have a part to play and be involved. Our 2015 show was inspired by J. M. Barry's Peter Pan and called 'The Adventures of Neverland'!

For those students showing a particular talent, we also encourage entering competitions and festivals. This will often require additional private lessons. Taking part of competitions and festivals is a important part of the progression of those children who want to take dance seriously and possibly pursue it beyond hobby level and we actively encourage our students in this if they wish to be involved.

three girls watch on as another pulls a pose on the stage during a tap dancing lesson at Natasha-Lea School of Dance
A close up in black and white of tap shoes during a lesson at Natasha-Lea School of Dance
a close up of a child doing a tap routine during a lesson at Natasha-Lea School of Dance
four girls perform a synchronised routine on stage during a tap dancing lesson at Natasha-Lea School of Dance

Current Classes & Timetable

We currently have classes in Tap for Primary and Grade 1, with Grade 2 classes beginning in September 2017.

If you are interested in your child starting tap lessons then please get in touch with us to arrange a free taster session in one of our classes.

Day Time Class Teacher
Tuesday 5pm - 5:30pm Primary Tap Miss Vicky
Tuesday 6pm - 6:30pm Grade 1 Tap Miss Vicky
Tuesday 7:30pm - 8:15pm Adult Tap Miss Naomi

Please note that we do not take walk-ins at any of our classes. If you're interested in you or your child attending a class please contact us to arrange a taster session or to enrol.

Contact Us

Please get in touch with us to arrange a free taster session or to enroll into our classes.