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Private Lessons

We provide one to one tutoring sessions for pupils who wish to have some extra focus. Whether preparing for an exam, choreographing a dance for a festival or just looking to have some extra time to refine skills, these sessions are a great way to reach your goal.

Our Teaching

We provide private lessons for children or adults at any level of dance, whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced. Our teachers are highly experienced and trained individuals who have danced professionally and understand and have experience with the standards required at all levels of dance.

Our private lessons are taught as either a one-to-one with the teacher or with two students in the session. This allows us to give focussed time to the students so that accelerated progress can be made and attention can be paid specifically to the needs of those individuals. As with all our dance classes, we teach to the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) standards.


Private lessons are a great way for students to prepare for performances, particularly festivals or competitions. We actively encourage our students to take part in these and recommend that private lessons are taken in addition to their main classes in order to prepare them for those events. This allows us to give special attention to the routines that the student may want to perform at a festival or competition and prepare them properly for what should be a very positive and rewarding experience.

Current Classes & Timetable

Although private lessons can be arranged at any time that suits both the teacher and the student, Wednesday evenings are currently set aside by the school for private sessions.

Please get in touch to arrange a private lesson for you or your child.

Contact Us

Please get in touch with us to arrange private lessons for either you or your child.