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Modern Dancing

Modern dancing is a great compliment to ballet and allows children to push the types of movement they can include in routines that ballet alone does not allow for. Our modern lessons are engaging and friendly and we actively encourage the children to pursue their own creations in addition to the syllabus we teach when working towards grades or performances.

Our Teaching

We teach to the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) standards and look to progress our students through their grades at a pace that suits them. We will not push our students just for the sake of taking an exam, we'd rather find a balance where pupils can progress and enjoy their dancing at the same time.


Dance is a performance art and we like to encourage and create opportunities for our pupils to perform to a live audience. We hold a showcase for parents to see their children perform their class work and exam preparation every other year. We alternative this showcase with the dance schools main show, which we hold at Christmas time. The show is a full production and will be on a theme chosen and designed by the teachers, so that all the pupils can have a part to play and be involved. Our 2015 show was inspired by Peter Pan and called 'The Adventures of Neverland'!

three girls wearing ballet tutus and lying in a pose on the stage at Natasha-Lea School of Dance
A girl smiling and wearing the blue leotard of grade 1 during a modern lesson at Natasha-Lea School of Dance
a girl with a dramatic expression and holding her hands in a sleeping pose beside her head during a modern lesson at Natasha-Lea School of Dance
Three girls posing holding their heads mounted in their hands whilst on the stage in a modern dancing lesson at Natasha-Lea School of Dance

Current Classes & Timetable

We currently have classes in Modern for Grade 1 and Grade 2 with classes for Grade 3 beginning in 2018.

If you are interested in your child starting ballet lessons then please get in touch with us to arrange a free taster session in one of our classes.

Day Time Class Teacher
Tuesday 6:30pm - 7pm Grade 2 Modern Miss Vicky
TBC - From September 2018 TBC Grade 3 Modern Miss Natasha

Please note that we do not take walk-ins at any of our classes. If you're interested in you or your child attending a class please contact us to arrange a taster session or to enrol.

Contact Us

Please get in touch with us to arrange a free taster session or to enroll into our classes.