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Adult Ballet

Ballet Dancing is a great way to keep yourself in shape and your body flexible, not to mention being a beautiful form of dance to learn and to watch.


Our adult ballet lessons are informal and are ideal if you are either a beginner or someone returning to ballet having learnt previously. The classes are mixed ability, light hearted and fun. We believe it is important to enjoy your hobbies as well as having the chance to push yourself mentally and physically.

As the classes are for mixed ability you will find that you get a chance to try both the basics and some more challenging routines right from the start, which means you can progress as fast as you wish.

Current Classes & Timetable

Day Time Class Teacher
Tuesday 8:15pm - 9pm Adult Ballet Dancing Miss Naomi

Please note that we do not take walk-ins at any of our classes. If you're interested in you or your child attending a class please contact us to arrange a taster session or to enrol.

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Please get in touch with us to arrange a free taster session or to enroll into our classes.